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Area Locations:
McDonald's Corporation

The DiningGuide database has 296 profiles for this restaurant chain in the New York area.

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Astoria Locations

22 50 31st St.(not rated)-
31-46 21st St.(not rated)-
31-67 Steinway St.(not rated)-
32-55 31st St.(not rated)-

Bayside Locations

203-11 Northern Blvd.(not rated)-
41-27 Bell Blvd.(not rated)-

Brooklyn Locations

1101 Rutland Ave.(not rated)-
1133 Eastern Pkwy.(not rated)-
1275 Fulton Steet(not rated)-
1380 Broadway(not rated)-
1467 Rockaway Pkwy.(not rated)-
15 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)-
1509 Sheepshead Bay Rd.(not rated)-
1531 Fulton St. & Troop Ave.(not rated)-
1607 Kings Hwy.(not rated)-
1642 Pitkin Ave.(not rated)-
1656 Utica Ave.(not rated)-
169 Tillary St.(not rated)-
180 Parkside Ave.(not rated)-
1883 Atlantic Ave.(not rated)-
1930 Nostrand Ave. @ Foster(not rated)-
1983 86th St. @ 20th Ave. (Sat)(not rated)-
2154 Nostrand Ave. @ Hillel(not rated)-
2240-50 Flatbush Ave. @ Filmore(not rated)-
2410 Coney Island Ave.(not rated)-
2411 86th St.(not rated)-
267 Broadway(not rated)-
275-81 Fourth Ave.(not rated)-
2797 Linden Blvd.(not rated)-
2800 Atlantic Ave.(not rated)-
289 9th St.(not rated)-
35-40 Nostrand Ave. & Avenue V(not rated)-
3525 Fort Hamilton Pkwy.(not rated)-
357 Hamilton Ave.(not rated)-
395 Flatbush Ave. Extension(not rated)-
420 Fulton St.(not rated)-
428 Knickerbocker Ave.(not rated)-
430 86th St.(not rated)-
5121 5th Ave.(not rated)-
Kings Plaza Mall and Shopping Center(not rated)-
57 Empire Blvd.(not rated)-
5707-13 Church Ave.(not rated)-
5804 Claredon Rd.(not rated)-
606 Neptune Ave. @ W. 6th St.(not rated)-
6419 18th Ave.(not rated)-
652 Meeker Ave. @ Morgan(not rated)-
6620 Bay Pkwy.(not rated)-
700 Broadway(not rated)-
7124 3rd Ave. @ 72nd St.(not rated)-
741 Grand St.(not rated)-
7602 Flatlands Ave.(not rated)-
819 Pennsylvania Ave.(not rated)-
82 Ct. St.(not rated)-
840 Atlantic Ave.(not rated)-
880 Coney Island(not rated)-
904 Manhattan Ave. & Greenpoint(not rated)-
91-01 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)-
943 Flatbush Ave. & Snyder(not rated)-
968 4th Ave. & 37th(not rated)-
Atlantic Terminal(not rated)-

Central Valley Locations

Woodbury Commons(not rated)-

Chester Locations

Route 17M & 17(not rated)-

Cornwall Locations

104 Pelham Dr.(not rated)-
Milepost 33, NY State Thruway(not rated)-

Corona Locations

37-19 Junction Blvd.(not rated)-
40-12 National St.(not rated)-
95-05 57th Ave.(not rated)-

Dover Plains Locations

3078 Route 22(not rated)-

East Elmhurst Locations

88-05 Astoria Blvd.(not rated)-

Elmhurst Locations

7901 Broadway(not rated)-
80-03 Queens Blvd.(not rated)-
In The Queens Center Mall(not rated)-
91-19 Queen Blvd.(not rated)-

Fishkill Locations

Wal-Mart(not rated)-
US Route 9(not rated)-

Forest Hills Locations

106-15 71st Ave.(not rated)-
64-19 108th St.(not rated)-
98-01 Metropolitan Ave.(not rated)-

Hartsdale Locations

407 N. Central Park Ave.(not rated)-

Highland Locations

Bridgeview Plaza Shopping Center(not rated)-

Highland Falls Locations

W. Point & Station Rd.(not rated)-

Hudson Locations

Fairview Ave. Extension(not rated)-

Hyde Park Locations

566 Albany Post Rd.(not rated)-

Jackson Heights Locations

37-59 82nd St.(not rated)-
75-11 Roosevelt Ave.(not rated)-

Jamaica Locations

114-01 Sutphin Blvd.(not rated)-
138-32 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)-
159-01 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)-
166-01 Baisley Blvd.(not rated)-
166-05 Rockaway Blvd.(not rated)-
166-30 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)-
181-25 Hillside Ave.(not rated)-
87-84 Sutphin Blvd.(not rated)-
87-88 Parson Blvd.(not rated)-
90-69 Sutphin Blvd.(not rated)-
American Airlines Terminal(not rated)-
British Air Terminal(not rated)-
Terminal 1(not rated)-
Terminal 4(not rated)-

Kingston Locations

1232 Ulster Ave.(not rated)-
555 Albany Ave.(not rated)-

Little Neck Locations

250-01 Northern Blvd.(not rated)-

Long Beach Locations

665 Long Beach Rd.(not rated)-

Long Island City Locations

33-80 Queens Blvd. & 39th St.(not rated)-

Mahopac Locations

6 Mahopac Plaza(not rated)-

Malden-on-Hudson Locations

Mile Post 103 North, NY State Thruway(not rated)-

Mamaroneck Locations

1205 Old Boston Postrd(not rated)-

Maspeth Locations

59-60 55th Rd.(not rated)-
69-35 Grand Ave.(not rated)-

Middletown Locations

113 Dolson Ave.(not rated)-
481 Route 211 E.(not rated)-

Mohegan Lake Locations

Route 6(not rated)-

Monroe Locations

501 Route 17M(not rated)-

Montgomery Locations

2083 State Hwy. Route 208 S.(not rated)-

Monticello Locations

Wal-Mart(not rated)-
Route 42 N.(not rated)-

Mount Vernon Locations

470 S. Fulton Ave.(not rated)-
6 Gramatan Ave.(not rated)-

Nanuet Locations

265 Route 59(not rated)-

New City Locations

33 Calvary Dr. W.(not rated)-

New Paltz Locations

261 Main St.(not rated)-

New Rochelle Locations

270-272 Main St.(not rated)-
720-724 N. Ave.(not rated)-

New Windsor Locations

2639 N. Y S.(not rated)-

New York Locations

101 E. 170th St.(not rated)-
102-106 1st Ave.(not rated)-
1083 2nd Ave.(not rated)-
1101 E. Tremont Ave.(not rated)-
114 Delancey St.(not rated)-
1188 6th Ave.(not rated)-
119-05 Liberty Ave.(not rated)-
1201 E. 233rd St.(not rated)-
1212 E. Gun Hill Rd. & Tenbroeck Ave.(not rated)-
125th St. & Lexington Ave.(not rated)-
1271 Ave. Of The Americas(not rated)-
1286 1st Ave.(not rated)-
1317 Castlehill Ave.(not rated)-
136 W. 3rd St.(not rated)-
136-61 Roosevelt Ave.(not rated)-
138-01 20th Ave.(not rated)-
139th & Adam Clayton Powell(not rated)-
14 E. 47th St.(not rated)-
144-01 Northern Blvd.(not rated)-
1499 3rd Ave. & 85th St.(not rated)-
151 W. 34th St.(not rated)-
1515 Williamsbridge Rd.(not rated)-
154 W. 14th St. & 7th Ave.(not rated)-
1540 Westchester Ave.(not rated)-
155-14 Roosevelt Ave.(not rated)-
1560 Broadway(not rated)-
160 Broadway(not rated)-
1600 Boston Rd.(not rated)-
1600 Bruckner Blvd.(not rated)-
1625 Webster Ave. & Clay(not rated)-
1651 Broadway(not rated)-
167 Chambers St.(not rated)-
1745 University Ave.(not rated)-
18 E. 42nd St.(not rated)-
1865 Bruckner Blvd.(not rated)-
1871 2nd Ave.(not rated)-
1872 3rd Ave.(not rated)-
1982 Westchester Ave. & Pugsley(not rated)-
1997 3rd Ave.(not rated)-
2010 Bartow Ave.(not rated)-
204-11 Hillside Ave.(not rated)-
2049 Broadway(not rated)-
2065 Jerome Ave.(not rated)-
208 Dyckman St.(not rated)-
208 Varrick St.(not rated)-
212 E. 161st St.(not rated)-
213 Madison St.(not rated)-
2142 3rd Ave.(not rated)-
215 W. 125th St.(not rated)-
2170 White Plains Rd.(not rated)-
22 E. 23rd St. Flatiron(not rated)-
220 W. 42nd St.(not rated)-
221-12 S. Conduit Ave.(not rated)-
2271 Broadway(not rated)-
2505 Southern Blvd.(not rated)-
2516 White Plains Rd.(not rated)-
2549 Broadway & 96th St.(not rated)-
26 Bowery(not rated)-
262 Canal St.(not rated)-
2630 Jerome Ave.(not rated)-
27 3rd Ave. & St. Marks Pl.(not rated)-
2726 Broadway(not rated)-
280 Madison Ave.(not rated)-
2870 3rd Ave.(not rated)-
300 E. 204th St.(not rated)-
3001 Stratton St.(not rated)-
317 Broadway(not rated)-
3279 3rd Ave. @ 164th St. E.(not rated)-
335 8th Ave.(not rated)-
336 E. 23rd St.(not rated)-
341 5th Ave.(not rated)-
3410 Broadway 138th St.(not rated)-
3440-42 Jerome Ave.(not rated)-
3509 Webster Ave. & Gunhill(not rated)-
354 W. 125th St.(not rated)-
3543 49 Broadway(not rated)-
3550 Conner St.(not rated)-
36 W. Fordham Rd.(not rated)-
3660 E. Tremont Ave.(not rated)-
372 E. Fordham Rd.(not rated)-
3794 Broadway(not rated)-
39 Union Square W.(not rated)-
40-18 Main St.(not rated)-
401 Park Ave. S.(not rated)-
404 E. 14th(not rated)-
4040 Broadway & 170(not rated)-
405 6th Ave.(not rated)-
4174 White Plains Rd.(not rated)-
4259 Broadway(not rated)-
427 10th Ave. & 34Th(not rated)-
429 7th Ave.(not rated)-
444 Lenox Ave. @ 132Nd(not rated)-
451 Lexington Ave.(not rated)-
47 W. 57th St.(not rated)-
480 3rd Ave. & 33rd St.(not rated)-
490 8th Ave.(not rated)-
51-67 161st St.(not rated)-
513 E. 138th St.(not rated)-
52 Fulton St.(not rated)-
5201 Broadway @ 225th(not rated)-
541 6th Ave. & 14th St.(not rated)-
5765 Broadway & 236th St.(not rated)-
597-99 Grand Concourse(not rated)-
599 E. Tremont Ave.(not rated)-
6 Water St.(not rated)-
600 W. 125th(not rated)-
608 W. 207th St.(not rated)-
638 Columbus Ave.(not rated)-
686 6th Ave.(not rated)-
688 8th Ave.(not rated)-
72-69 Kissena Blvd.(not rated)-
724 Broadway(not rated)-
724 E. 241st St.(not rated)-
729 2nd Ave. / 39th St.(not rated)-
735 9th Ave.(not rated)-
75-50 101st Ave.(not rated)-
79 W. 125th St.(not rated)-
809/811 6th Ave/28th(not rated)-
824 3rd Ave. 50th St.(not rated)-
839 Westchester Ave.(not rated)-
85 Bruckner Blvd.(not rated)-
86 E. 167th St.(not rated)-
875 Garrison Ave. & Tiffany(not rated)-
901 6th Ave.(not rated)-
946 8th Ave. & 56th(not rated)-
966 3rd Ave.(not rated)-
969 1st Ave.(not rated)-
972 6th Ave.(not rated)-
Lower Level(not rated)-
One W. Mount Eden Ave.(not rated)-
US Air, E. End Terminal(not rated)-

Newburgh Locations

Wal-Mart(not rated)-
1403 Route 300(not rated)-
187-189 N. Plank Rd.(not rated)-
347 Broadway(not rated)-

Nyack Locations

55 Route 59(not rated)-

Pleasant Valley Locations

1620 Main St.(not rated)-

Poughkeepsie Locations

733 Main St.(not rated)-
790 S. Rd.(not rated)-
Mid Hudson Center(not rated)-

Queens Village Locations

88-14 Springfield Blvd.(not rated)-

Ridgewood Locations

54-04 Myrtle Ave.(not rated)-
54-29 Metropolitan Ave.(not rated)-
56-34 Mrytle Ave.(not rated)-
70-02 Cooper Ave.(not rated)-

Saugerties Locations

350 Route 212(not rated)-
8 Manor Ln.(not rated)-

Spring Valley Locations

106 Route 59(not rated)-

Staten Island Locations

1388 Hylan Blvd.(not rated)-
1660 Richmond Ave.(not rated)-
260 Page Ave.(not rated)-
In The Staten Island Mall(not rated)-
2795 Richmond Ave.(not rated)-
3267 Richmond Ave.(not rated)-
501 Bay St.(not rated)-
645 Rossville Ave.(not rated)-
803 Forest Ave.(not rated)-

Suffern Locations

Route 59 & Hermion Rd.(not rated)-

Valley Stream Locations

10 W. Sunrise Hwy.(not rated)-
In The Green Acres Mall(not rated)-

Wappingers Falls Locations

1178 Route 9 E. Main St.(not rated)-
967 Route 376(not rated)-

Whitestone Locations

160-11 Willets Point Blvd.(not rated)-

Woodside Locations

51-35 Northern Blvd.(not rated)-
57-25 Roosevelt Ave.(not rated)-

Yonkers Locations

1144 Yonkers Ave.(not rated)-
1200 Nepperhan Ave.(not rated)-
155 S. Broadway(not rated)-
1753 Central Park Ave.(not rated)-
336 Tuckahoe Rd.(not rated)-
473 S. Broadway(not rated)-
5 S. Broadway(not rated)-
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