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DiningGuide New York: Chain Profile

Area Locations:
Starbucks Coffee

The DiningGuide database has 251 profiles for this restaurant chain in the New York area.

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Ardsley Locations

716-718 Saw Mill Rd.(not rated)914-693-5706

Astoria Locations

22-04 31st St.(not rated)718-626-6004
31-44 Steinway St.(not rated)718-274-5700
3711 35th Ave.(not rated)718-706-0464

Bayside Locations

215-29 Northern Blvd.(not rated)718-281-4165

Bronxville Locations

29 Park Pl.(not rated)914-771-9103
51 Purchase St.(not rated)914-967-5827

Brooklyn Locations

112 Montague St.(not rated)718-243-0455
139 Flatbush Ave.(not rated)718-290-1109
164 Smith St.(not rated)718-422-0178
164-166 7th Ave.(not rated)718-369-1213
167 Ct. St.(not rated)718-222-9729
3035 Cropsey Ave.(not rated)718-372-3573
33-42 Hillel Pl.(not rated)718-338-2489
514 86th St.(not rated)718-491-1340
6 Metro Tech(not rated)718-522-2396
607 Brighton Beach Ave.(not rated)718-934-3211
6423 18th Ave.(not rated)718-234-7160
67 Front St.(not rated)718-855-0856
7419 3rd Ave.(not rated)718-836-3882
910 Manhattan Ave.(not rated)718-609-0467
9202 Third Ave.(not rated)718-492-7395

Cedarhurst Locations

424 Central Ave.(not rated)516-374-5827

Central Valley Locations

400 Evergreen Ct. Route 22(not rated)845-928-4744

College Point Locations

13505 20th Ave.(not rated)718-661-4346
138-11 20th Ave.(not rated)718-539-4072

Elmhurst Locations

88-01 Queens Blvd.(not rated)718-393-0958
In The Queens Center Mall(not rated)718-699-7858

Fishkill Locations

11 Merrit Blvd.(not rated)845-897-1201

Forest Hills Locations

101-102 Queens Blvd.(not rated)718-459-6923
107-12 Continental Ave.(not rated)718-793-4057
7000 Austin St.(not rated)718-268-4719

Fresh Meadows Locations

61-51 188th St.(not rated)718-264-0658

Hartsdale Locations

223 E. Hartsdale Ave.(not rated)914-722-2720

Hewlett Locations

1344 Broadway(not rated)516-295-3330

Jackson Heights Locations

41-02 Main St.(not rated)718-358-9355

Jamaica Locations

51 W. Courtyard(not rated)718-656-8040

Kingston Locations

39 Massa Dr.(not rated)845-336-5304

Larchmont Locations

1929 Palmer Ave.(not rated)914-834-6863

Little Neck Locations

242-02 61st Ave.(not rated)718-224-5316

Long Beach Locations

101 W. Park Ave.(not rated)516-670-9181
4507 Austin Blvd.(not rated)516-432-0416

Mamaroneck Locations

1030 W. Boston Post Rd.(not rated)914-698-4818

Middletown Locations

51 Orange Plaza Ln.(not rated)845-343-0747
One Galleria Dr.(not rated)845-692-5656

Monroe Locations

128 Bailey Farm Rd.(not rated)845-783-5686

Mount Kisco Locations

195A N. Bedford Rd.(not rated)914-602-0004
41 S. Moger Ave.(not rated)914-666-0248

Nanuet Locations

126 W. Rockland Plaza(not rated)845-624-2085

New Paltz Locations

One Plattekill Ave.(not rated)845-256-9815

New Rochelle Locations

1278-80 N. Ave.(not rated)914-654-8651

New York Locations

10 Union Square E.(not rated)212-982-8426
100 Wall St.(not rated)212-809-1556
100 William St.(not rated)212-509-9709
1021 Third Ave.(not rated)212-486-6764
107 E. 43rd St. and Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-599-4368
110 Pearl St.(not rated)212-482-6530
1100 Ave. Of The Americas(not rated)212-398-4508
1102 1st Ave.(not rated)212-688-9118
111 Worth St.(not rated)212-964-8846
1117 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-517-8476
1128 Third Ave.(not rated)212-472-6535
115 Broadway(not rated)212-732-9306
116 E. 57th St.(not rated)212-486-1632
1166 Ave. Of The Americas(not rated)212-354-3730
1185 Sixth Ave.(not rated)212-382-0352
120 E. 87th St.(not rated)212-426-2580
120 W. 56th St.(not rated)212-262-9273
124 Eighth Ave.(not rated)212-462-2020
125 Chambers St.(not rated)212-791-6368
125 Park Ave.(not rated)212-557-2718
1261 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-879-1764
1290 6th Ave.(not rated)212-977-4861
13-25 Astor Pl.(not rated)212-982-3563
1320 Ave. Of The Americas(not rated)212-969-9066
1345 6th Ave.(not rated)212-265-8610
135 E. 57th St.(not rated)212-935-1866
1372 Broadway(not rated)212-921-0827
1378 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-534-7537
1380 Sixth Ave.(not rated)212-977-1382
1385 Metropolitan Ave.(not rated)718-319-1702
142 W. 57th St.(not rated)646-710-1906
1445 First Ave.(not rated)212-472-7784
1449 Second Ave.(not rated)212-472-0653
145 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-780-0024
145 Third Ave.(not rated)212-677-7248
1460 Broadway(not rated)212-869-0191
1488 Third Ave.(not rated)212-744-7458
150 E. 42nd St.(not rated)212-949-4122
150 Varick St.(not rated)646-230-9816
151 W. 34th St.(not rated)212-564-7021
1515 York Ave.(not rated)212-472-3581
152-154 Columbus Ave.(not rated)212-721-0470
1530 Broadway(not rated)212-391-2079
1535 Broadway(not rated)212-398-1900
1559 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-472-7972
156 W. 52nd St.(not rated)212-581-6410
1585 Broadway(not rated)212-541-7515
1602 Broadway(not rated)212-245-1936
1631 1st Ave.(not rated)212-737-6534
1642 Third Ave.(not rated)212-360-0425
165 Broadway(not rated)212-608-6481
1656 Broadway(not rated)212-397-7124
1675 Broadway(not rated)212-757-0966
1710 Broadway(not rated)212-245-0761
177 Eighth Ave.(not rated)212-414-8786
1841 Broadway(not rated)212-307-0162
1889 Broadway(not rated)212-245-1362
195 Broadway(not rated)212-385-1104
2 Broadway(not rated)212-344-4290
2 Columbus Ave.(not rated)212-489-6757
200 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-684-6873
2045 Broadway(not rated)212-496-1551
21 E. 8th St.(not rated)212-982-7505
2140 Broadway(not rated)212-580-1141
2252 Broadway(not rated)212-721-4157
230 Park Ave.(not rated)212-681-9407
233 Broadway(not rated)212-619-1529
241 Canal St.(not rated)212-219-2725
2498 Broadway(not rated)917-441-1643
250 Vesey St.(not rated)212-587-9512
251 W. 42nd St.(not rated)212-398-1982
2521 Broadway(not rated)212-316-0374
2600 Broadway(not rated)212-316-9401
261 Fifth Ave.(not rated)212-779-1557
267-275 Columbus Ave.(not rated)212-579-7834
280 Park Ave.(not rated)212-573-9869
2853 Broadway(not rated)212-280-7268
286 First Ave.(not rated)212-353-1214
291 Broadway(not rated)212-406-5310
2929 Broadway(not rated)212-932-0300
295 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-922-9126
296-300 Third Ave.(not rated)212-598-9858
3 New York Plaza(not rated)212-785-1082
3 Park Ave.(not rated)212-725-9469
30 Rockefeller Plaza(not rated)212-586-0911
300 W. 23rd St.(not rated)646-638-1571
301 Park Ave.(not rated)212-872-4844
304 Park Ave. S.(not rated)212-475-9025
322 W. 57th St.(not rated)212-399-0714
325 W. 49th St.(not rated)212-765-2205
330 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-682-1880
334 Fifth Ave.(not rated)212-279-2960
335 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-370-3510
338 Columbus Ave.(not rated)646-505-1106
345 Hudson St.(not rated)646-486-0487
360 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-953-1662
370 7th Ave.(not rated)212-967-8463
373 5th Ave.(not rated)212-213-5363
378 6th Ave.(not rated)212-477-2690
38 Park Row(not rated)212-608-8073
395 Third Ave.(not rated)212-686-2483
4 Columbus Cir.(not rated)212-265-0658
4 W. 21st St.(not rated)646-336-6583
400 E. 54th St.(not rated)212-688-8951
400 E. 90th St.(not rated)212-987-0891
400 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-319-1873
405 Broadway(not rated)646-613-0148
41 Union Square W.(not rated)646-336-6945
424 Park Ave. S.(not rated)212-725-0637
425 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-644-9462
444 Columbus Ave.(not rated)212-769-2296
45 E. 51st St.(not rated)212-688-8834
45 Wall St.(not rated)212-269-8717
450 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-682-5139
450 W. 33rd St.(not rated)212-563-0692
455 Main St.(not rated)212-371-1298
462 7th Ave.(not rated)212-279-6432
471 Broadway(not rated)212-219-8787
494 Eighth Ave.(not rated)212-947-3860
50 Ct. St.(not rated)718-855-0369
50 W. 225th St.(not rated)718-561-3749
51 Astor Pl.(not rated)212-677-6447
51-06 Northern Blvd.(not rated)718-424-3716
510 Sixth Ave.(not rated)212-242-5981
511 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-486-1964
518 Hudson St.(not rated)646-486-0524
525 7th Ave.(not rated)212-869-5273
540 Columbus Ave.(not rated)212-496-4139
545 Fifth Ave.(not rated)212-687-1026
55 BRd. St.(not rated)212-742-2488
55 E. 53rd St.(not rated)212-750-7140
55 Liberty St.(not rated)212-227-0372
550 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-833-6102
555 W. 42nd St.(not rated)212-563-0671
560 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-751-2937
565 Fifth Ave.(not rated)646-658-0783
575 Fifth Ave.(not rated)212-490-3189
585 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-684-1299
593 Ninth Ave.(not rated)212-594-7846
599 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-754-1864
600 Eighth Ave.(not rated)212-997-7337
630 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-521-8075
639 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-973-1376
655 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-308-5717
665 Broadway(not rated)917-534-0799
682 9th Ave.(not rated)212-397-2288
684 Ave. Of The Americas(not rated)212-691-1948
684 Eighth Ave.(not rated)212-398-9702
685 Third Ave.(not rated)646-865-1250
72 Grove St.(not rated)646-486-2216
72 Spring St.(not rated)212-219-2961
Trump Tower(not rated)212-421-7154
731 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-644-0692
750 6th Ave.(not rated)646-230-7208
750 Seventh Ave.(not rated)212-974-0032
757 Third Ave.(not rated)212-715-9884
76 9th Ave.(not rated)646-230-7145
77-83 W. 125th St.(not rated)917-492-2454
770 Eighth Ave.(not rated)212-830-9001
776 Ave. Of The Americas(not rated)212-481-1856
7800 Grand Central Station(not rated)212-370-4161
79 Washington Square(not rated)212-995-3443
80 Delancey St.(not rated)917-534-1397
80 Pine St.(not rated)212-480-3970
803 W. 181st St.(not rated)212-927-4272
825 Eighth Ave.(not rated)212-307-7173
870 7th Ave.(not rated)212-586-2142
871 8th Ave.(not rated)212-246-7699
875 Sixth Ave.(not rated)212-629-6512
90 Park Ave.(not rated)212-661-5489
906 Sixth Ave.(not rated)212-967-4032
93 Greenwich Ave.(not rated)212-462-4697
943 Second Ave.(not rated)212-715-0752
One Battery Park Plaza(not rated)212-482-1180
One Penn Plaza(not rated)212-760-3001

Nyack Locations

80 Main St.(not rated)845-353-4069

Port Chester Locations

118 S. Ridge St.(not rated)914-937-1597

Poughkeepsie Locations

2001 S. Rd.(not rated)845-296-1034
2519 S. Rd.(not rated)845-462-5480
3434 N. Rd.(not rated)845-575-6736
712 Duchess Turnpike(not rated)845-485-6294

Ridgewood Locations

8000 Cooper Ave.(not rated)718-416-1521
8989 Union Turnpike(not rated)718-847-6095

Scarsdale Locations

51 E. Pkwy.(not rated)914-722-2569
684 White Plains Rd.(not rated)914-472-1313
975B Central Park Ave.(not rated)914-472-2259

Staten Island Locations

1756 Forest Ave.(not rated)718-697-0293
2070 Victory Blvd.(not rated)718-982-0167
2505 Richmond Ave.(not rated)718-494-4451
2530 Hylan Blvd.(not rated)718-979-8608
In The Staten Island Mall(not rated)718-477-5010
2900 Veterans Rd. W.(not rated)718-701-6206
480 Forest Ave.(not rated)718-273-5984

Suffern Locations

215 Route 59(not rated)845-369-6959

West Nyack Locations

In The Palisades Center(not rated)845-358-5021
In The Palisades Center(not rated)845-727-7278

White Plains Locations

The Westchester(not rated)914-949-2470
200 Main St.(not rated)914-682-1738

Yonkers Locations

2458 Central Park Ave.(not rated)914-337-0139

Yorktown Heights Locations

1932 Commerce St.(not rated)914-243-5997
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