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DiningGuide New York: Chain Profile

Area Locations:

The DiningGuide database has 419 profiles for this restaurant chain in the New York area. Readers have rated this chain, on average, 3.0 out of 5.0. The "smiley faces" below show how readers opinion of a given restaurant location.

Click on the address link from the following list to view a specific location's DiningGuide Profile PageSM.

Ardsley Locations

666 Saw Mill River Rd.(not rated)914-937-3540

Astoria Locations

2109 Broadway(not rated)718-726-8868
22-11 31st St.(not rated)718-626-1346
30-09 Steinway St.(not rated)718-956-1110
31-08 30th Ave.(not rated)718-274-6500
31-18 Broadway(not rated)718-204-2525
36-03 31st St.(not rated)718-361-5277
43-14 Ditmars Blvd.(not rated)718-728-1211

Bayside Locations

21505 Northern Blvd.(not rated)718-428-2861
34-51 Bell Blvd.(not rated)718-281-4383

Bronxville Locations

850 Bronx River Rd.(not rated)914-776-7695

Brooklyn Locations

1001 Brighton Beach Ave.(not rated)718-928-3927
1092 Flatbush Ave.(not rated)718-282-1249
11 Flatbush Ave.(not rated)718-624-5480
120 Wyckoff Ave.(not rated)718-821-2995
1219 Ave. J(not rated)718-252-1716
1291 Broadway(not rated)718-443-7913
1376 Rockaway Pkwy.(not rated)718-649-7550
1474 Utica Ave.(not rated)718-771-1861
1503 Sheepshead Bay Rd.(not rated)718-891-9188
155 Empire Blvd.(not rated)718-284-7562
1553 Ralph Ave.(not rated)718-763-2602
1567 Flatbush Ave.(not rated)718-421-0175
1603 Ave. U(not rated)718-382-4035
1842 E. New York Ave.(not rated)917-731-4508
1868 Linden Blvd.(not rated)718-649-0045
199 Franklin St.(not rated)718-221-1404
2025 Stillwell Ave.(not rated)718-996-8996
2052 Rockaway Pkwy.(not rated)718-241-1790
209 Bedford Ave.(not rated)718-384-6680
2101 Flatbush Ave.(not rated)718-338-8300
2120 86th St.(not rated)718-373-7701
216 Atlantic Ave.(not rated)718-643-9955
225 Pennsylvania Ave.(not rated)718-385-3036
2380 5th Ave.(not rated)718-238-7068
241 Rockaway Pkwy.(not rated)718-346-6550
258 7th Ave.(not rated)718-832-5399
2601 Ocean Pkwy.(not rated)718-616-4161
273 Utica Ave.(not rated)718-221-2702
2869 Harway Ave.(not rated)718-449-4992
299 Montague St.(not rated)718-243-0826
3103 Ave. U(not rated)718-368-1217
3105 Church Ave.(not rated)718-282-6150
375 Flatbush Ave.(not rated)718-789-3838
3847 Nostrand Ave.(not rated)718-648-1227
391 Jay St.(not rated)718-852-2226
4 Metro Tech(not rated)718-596-6712
400 Myrtle Ave.(not rated)718-797-4394
423 5th Ave.(not rated)718-768-6678
485 Nostrand Ave.(not rated)718-398-2515
5107 Church Ave.(not rated)718-345-7015
Kings Plaza Mall and Shopping Center(not rated)718-677-1060
530 Conduit Blvd.(not rated)718-235-0937
5601 5th Ave.(not rated)718-492-9462
5719 Flatlands Ave.(not rated)718-209-0438
6165 Strickland Ave.(not rated)718-251-1609
6413 Bay Pkwy.(not rated)718-331-3150
6801 4th Ave.(not rated)718-748-3801
6814 18th Ave.(not rated)718-256-3618
6N Lee Ave.(not rated)718-491-2014
714 3rd Ave.(not rated)718-965-8091
717 Grand St.(not rated)718-782-3727
747 Flushing Ave.(not rated)718-302-5000
7504 3rd Ave.(not rated)718-836-8136
78-10 Flatlands Ave.(not rated)718-531-5003
80-20 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)718-296-0685
821 Manhattan Ave.(not rated)718-389-5888
87-04 Woodhaven Blvd.(not rated)718-849-8246
882 5th Ave.(not rated)718-436-2444
882 Fifth Ave.(not rated)718-436-2444
900 4th Ave.(not rated)718-369-2252
9206 4th Ave.(not rated)718-748-0063
93 Church Ave.(not rated)718-437-6941
930 E. 4th Walk(not rated)718-369-2252

Central Valley Locations

Woodbury Commons Premium(not rated)845-928-8419

Chester Locations

78 Brookside Ave.(not rated)845-469-6409

Cornwall Locations

55 Quaker Ave.(not rated)845-534-4012

Corona Locations

108-11 Corona Ave.(not rated)718-271-1633
40-04 Junction Blvd.(not rated)718-205-2661

Croton-On-Hudson Locations

420 Riverside Ave.(not rated)914-271-6178

Dover Plains Locations

Route 22(not rated)845-877-1232

East Elmhurst Locations

126th St. & Roosevelt Ave.(not rated)347-267-4807
8598 Astoria Blvd.(not rated)718-205-2568

Elmhurst Locations

40-21 82nd St.(not rated)718-205-4333
74-22 Broadway(not rated)718-205-2980
In The Queens Center Mall(not rated)718-592-9490
91-24 59th Ave.Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5718-507-4070

Elmsford Locations

190-192 Saw Mill River Rd.(not rated)914-345-0905

Forest Hills Locations

64-29 108 St.(not rated)718-997-7786
9001 Continental Ave.(not rated)718-268-0315

Fresh Meadows Locations

176-71 Union Turnpike(not rated)718-380-8718
183-20 Horace Harding Expy.(not rated)718-961-6777
7753 Francis Lewis Blvd.(not rated)718-886-2817

Goshen Locations

Greenwich & Matthews St.(not rated)845-294-1393

Greenwood Lake Locations

123 Windmere Ave.(not rated)845-477-3339

Hartsdale Locations

65 Central Park Ave.(not rated)914-428-4886

Hewlett Locations

300 Mill Rd.(not rated)516-295-0748

Highland Locations

Bridgeview Plaza Shopping Center(not rated)845-691-5733

Hopewell Junction Locations

800 Route 82(not rated)845-226-7827

Hudson Locations

505 Fairview(not rated)518-828-2543
754 Columbia St.(not rated)518-671-6236

Hyde Park Locations

493 Albany Post Rd.(not rated)845-229-9999

Inwood Locations

571 Burnside Ave.(not rated)516-239-1525

Jackson Heights Locations

34-47 Junction Blvd.(not rated)718-424-9551
75-06 37th Ave.(not rated)718-779-1717
79-19B Northern Blvd.(not rated)718-205-6931
83-12 37th Ave.(not rated)718-554-1965

Jamaica Locations

114-14C Sutphin Blvd.(not rated)718-845-7400
127-02 Merrick Blvd.(not rated)718-525-7827
137-21 Liberty Ave.(not rated)718-262-0658
138-16 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)718-526-9800
146-04 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)718-297-5060
146-13 Rockaway Blvd.(not rated)718-322-8025
165-25 Liberty Ave.(not rated)718-526-2215
168-14 Hillside Ave.(not rated)718-657-2777
168-14 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)718-297-0236
169-91 137th Ave.(not rated)718-712-4741
181-18 Hillside Ave.(not rated)718-739-2260
92-17 Parsons Blvd.(not rated)718-206-4842
British Airway Arrivals Lobby(not rated)718-425-5438
British Airway Terminal #7(not rated)718-425-5438

Kingston Locations

1300 Ulster Ave.(not rated)845-336-6139
484 Broadway(not rated)845-339-7369
630 Washington Ave.(not rated)845-338-3842
867 Ulster Ave.(not rated)845-331-3991

Little Neck Locations

245-06 Horace Harding Expy.(not rated)718-352-3822
250-19 Northern Blvd.(not rated)718-423-5877

Long Island City Locations

27-20 Queens Plaza S.(not rated)718-937-3999

Mamaroneck Locations

324 Mamaroneck Ave.(not rated)914-777-3647

Maspeth Locations

53-18 Grand Ave.(not rated)718-326-0855
6101 Metropolitan Ave.(not rated)718-821-4782
69-79 Grand Ave.(not rated)718-446-1251

Middle Village Locations

72-64 Metropolitan Ave.(not rated)718-326-5497

Middletown Locations

125 Dolson Ave.(not rated)845-343-7247
280 Route 211 E.(not rated)845-343-8844
315 Bloomingburg Rd.(not rated)845-361-5784
470 Route 211 E.(not rated)845-343-7827
One Galleria Dr.(not rated)845-695-1687

Mohegan Lake Locations

1769 E. Main St.(not rated)914-526-4567

Monroe Locations

288 Larkin Blvd.(not rated)845-782-6456
475 Route 17M(not rated)845-781-7395

Montgomery Locations

2040 Route 208(not rated)845-234-4079

Monticello Locations

Route 42(not rated)845-794-0550

Mount Kisco Locations

18 S. Moger Ave.(not rated)914-666-6550
309 N. Bedford Rd.(not rated)914-218-9001

Mount Vernon Locations

440 E. Sandford Blvd.(not rated)914-663-6095
5 E. Prospect Ave.(not rated)914-665-0663

Nanuet Locations

223 S. Middletown Rd.(not rated)845-624-0625

New City Locations

55 S. Main St.(not rated)845-639-3070

New Paltz Locations

234 Main St.(not rated)845-256-6425

New Rochelle Locations

2009 Williamsbridge Rd.(not rated)718-823-1947
215 N. Ave.(not rated)914-633-4099
644 N. Ave.(not rated)914-633-3305

New Windsor Locations

355 Windsor Hwy. Route 32(not rated)845-569-0194

New York Locations

10206 Atlantic Ave.(not rated)718-441-5340
1047 E. 163rd St.(not rated)718-861-1520
106 Greenwich St.(not rated)212-791-0821
1068 2nd Ave. 56 St. E.(not rated)212-588-8919
11 Broadway(not rated)212-269-2830
1101 1st Ave.(not rated)212-486-1702
112 John St.(not rated)212-566-4841
113 Lafayette St.(not rated)212-343-1335
116-12 Liberty Ave.(not rated)718-323-1858
1171 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-207-3771
118 Fulton St.(not rated)212-732-7283
120 4th Ave.(not rated)212-260-6665
120-80 Queens Blvd.(not rated)718-793-6840
122 Water St.(not rated)212-383-7930
124 Marble Hill Ave.(not rated)718-918-2177
124 W. 72nd St.(not rated)212-580-6792
1256 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-737-6500
126 W. 41st St.(not rated)212-730-8030
130 W. 58th St.(not rated)212-586-1618
1310 Castle Hill Ave.(not rated)718-918-2177
1320 Hutchinson River Pkwy.(not rated)718-863-1155
135 E. 54th St.(not rated)212-838-0917
135-09 Crossbay Blvd.(not rated)718-738-3833
136-89 37th Ave.(not rated)718-321-1454
1369 Broadway(not rated)212-643-8705
137 Hudson St.(not rated)212-226-6720
139 1st Ave.(not rated)212-529-2076
139 E. 47th St.(not rated)212-752-8762
1392 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-876-8888
1411 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-327-0468
1419 Bruckner Expy.(not rated)718-542-5577
1434 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-534-7798
1448 E. Ave.(not rated)718-239-6749
149 E. 60th St.(not rated)212-759-7179
15 S. William St.(not rated)212-509-2333
1501 1st Ave.(not rated)212-288-8856
1523 York Ave.(not rated)212-396-0216
1526A-1528A Westchester Ave.(not rated)718-828-8527
153 Chambers St.(not rated)212-577-6779
154 E. 29th St.(not rated)212-213-2228
154-01 Union Turnpike(not rated)718-380-4972
156 W. 29th St.(not rated)212-268-4260
1585 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-996-0658
1613 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-988-1414
162 W. 13th St.(not rated)914-513-4254
165 Church St.(not rated)212-406-7582
166 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-686-8633
1661 1st Ave.(not rated)212-987-3839
1699 Chester St.(not rated)718-231-0637
17 E. 17th St.(not rated)212-929-9856
1720 Eastchester Rd.(not rated)718-828-4433
1749 Crosby Ave.(not rated)718-824-4046
175 Varick St.(not rated)212-255-4155
175 W. 26th St.(not rated)212-255-7647
1776 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-600-0949
18 E. 170th St.(not rated)718-681-6268
1873 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-426-2070
1885 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-534-4676
193-16 Northern Blvd.(not rated)718-229-8695
1985 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-534-4637
199 Maiden Ln.(not rated)212-571-4417
2 W. St.(not rated)212-967-1151
20 Chatham Square(not rated)212-566-2925
201 E. 34th St.(not rated)212-252-0658
20206 Hillside Ave.(not rated)718-465-1732
2045 Broadway(not rated)212-769-3100
2052 Jerome Ave.(not rated)718-329-4019
2125 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-996-5864
2129 White Plains Rd.(not rated)718-597-0577
214 W. 50th St.(not rated)212-265-1822
220 E. 161 St.(not rated)718-293-9700
221 7th Ave.(not rated)212-505-3552
222 Lafayette St.(not rated)212-219-1819
224 W. 35th St.(not rated)212-643-9905
2316 Arthur Ave.(not rated)718-562-4495
235 8th Ave.(not rated)212-627-8808
237 Park Ave.(not rated)212-867-8995
2399 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-995-1834
2432 Grand Concourse(not rated)718-365-5308
2438 Jerome Ave.(not rated)718-220-1077
244 W. 14th St.(not rated)212-229-2549
2458 Broadway(not rated)212-580-3820
247 E. 14th St.(not rated)212-677-1129
2499 1st Ave.(not rated)212-628-6358
250 Broadway(not rated)212-346-2533
250 E. Houston St.(not rated)212-253-8670
250 W. 54th St.(not rated)212-541-4719
2508 Broadway(not rated)212-665-6700
253 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-260-5959
2595 Broadway(not rated)212-865-0252
261 5th Ave.(not rated)212-686-7070
2688 3rd Ave.(not rated)718-993-8527
2699 Broadway(not rated)212-961-0632
2708 E. Tremont Ave.(not rated)718-828-4431
28 Water St.(not rated)212-269-0390
2825 Broadway(not rated)212-222-0900
2829 Edson Ave.(not rated)718-671-1950
29 E. 8th St.(not rated)212-358-0286
2958 Jerome Ave.(not rated)718-561-8181
297 Church St.(not rated)212-219-0579
298 Mulberry St.(not rated)646-613-1942
30 BRd. St.(not rated)212-809-6590
30 Rockefeller Plaza(not rated)212-586-2783
300 W. 135th St.(not rated)212-283-7526
302 5th Ave.(not rated)212-268-0686
302 W. 39th St.(not rated)212-868-5750
3025 Stratton St.(not rated)718-321-1921
311 E. 204th St.(not rated)718-654-0150
314 W. 58th St.(not rated)212-582-0880
315 6th Ave.(not rated)212-989-7771
32 E. 23rd St.(not rated)212-677-4608
32 Saint Marks Pl.(not rated)212-358-1670
32 W. 39th St. Subway(not rated)212-719-4044
3419 Broadway(not rated)646-548-1210
3422 Jerome Ave.(not rated)718-653-8969
3460 Boston Rd.(not rated)718-231-2707
35 W. 33rd St.(not rated)212-695-9194
351 W. 42nd St.(not rated)212-957-6629
367 W. 34th St.(not rated)212-244-1631
3683 Bruckner Blvd.(not rated)718-824-8320
370 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-576-1046
3714 E. Tremont Ave.(not rated)718-678-8100
3750 Broadway(not rated)212-234-3200
3920 Broadway(not rated)212-740-9180
398 Dyckman St.(not rated)212-304-1442
400 E. 14th St.(not rated)212-260-0245
4006 Boston Rd.(not rated)718-320-8416
401 8th Ave.(not rated)212-244-5487
42 W. 56th St.(not rated)212-541-8877
421 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-532-2720
422 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-308-5576
423 E. 149th St.(not rated)718-665-7480
4280 Katonah Ave.(not rated)718-231-3911
430 Grand Concourse(not rated)718-665-5123
437 Park Ave. S.(not rated)212-689-2111
4375 White Plains Rd.(not rated)718-652-3075
45 Beekman St.(not rated)212-346-0964
46 7th Ave. S.(not rated)212-352-0044
460 E. Fordham Rd.(not rated)718-365-2330
463 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-682-0185
475 Columbus Ave.(not rated)212-362-1659
48 W. 125th St.(not rated)212-996-4994
500 W. 161st St.(not rated)718-293-9700
509 Madison Ave.(not rated)212-735-0099
510 Broome St.(not rated)212-226-0882
512 7th Ave.(not rated)212-221-0422
5209 Broadway(not rated)718-563-1200
525 8th Ave.(not rated)212-564-6454
543 E. Rd.(not rated)718-654-4490
55 E. 167th St.(not rated)718-588-3804
55 W. 14th St.(not rated)212-741-8843
550 Laguardia Pl.(not rated)212-358-8100
551 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-685-3433
5549 Broadway(not rated)718-884-2270
560 W. 235th St.(not rated)718-601-3230
561 Tenth Ave.(not rated)212-279-8922
5670 Riverdale Ave.(not rated)718-796-2730
578 W. 125th St.(not rated)212-222-3853
58 W. St.(not rated)212-840-1551
581 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-972-0526
59 W. 8th St.(not rated)212-260-4681
595 W. 207th St.(not rated)212-567-6278
597 E. Tremont Ave.(not rated)347-963-9878
598 W. 46th St.(not rated)646-728-0822
5987 Broadway(not rated)718-581-0959
61 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-213-8506
641 E. Gunhill Rd.(not rated)718-654-4490
650 Grand Concourse(not rated)718-292-5312
655 Broadway(not rated)212-260-8490
692 Lexington Ave.(not rated)212-317-0448
699 Allerton Ave.(not rated)718-515-3100
699 W. 146th St.(not rated)212-491-2929
7 E. 14th St.(not rated)212-741-8798
70-72 Kissena Blvd.(not rated)718-793-5804
701 W. 179th St.(not rated)212-568-5159
705 8th Ave.(not rated)212-315-1996
716 3rd Ave.(not rated)212-661-3916
735 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-850-0942
747 E. Gun Hill Rd.(not rated)718-653-1407
765 8th Ave.(not rated)212-757-7878
790 9th Ave.(not rated)212-765-8443
8 E. 41st St.(not rated)212-696-5665
834 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-808-8018
852 10th Ave.(not rated)212-265-2637
873 7th Ave.(not rated)212-315-5488
875 3rd Ave.(not rated)646-735-7282
89 S. St. Seaport(not rated)212-267-2067
89 Worth St.(not rated)212-925-1211
900 Main St.(not rated)212-935-7029
In The Manhattan Mall(not rated)212-564-0258
926 2nd Ave.(not rated)212-308-8560
953 3rd Ave.(not rated)646-840-0969
961 E. 174th St.(not rated)718-378-2702
968 Morris Park Ave.(not rated)718-892-1071
One Main St. S.(not rated)212-318-4781
One New York Plaza(not rated)212-422-0227
One Penn Plaza(not rated)212-239-4049

Newburgh Locations

52 Route 17 K(not rated)845-569-9498
61-77 Washington Ter.(not rated)845-561-5700
76 N. Plank Rd.(not rated)845-562-6666

Pleasant Valley Locations

Milestone Square Shopping Center(not rated)845-635-7827

Port Chester Locations

262 Boston Post Rd.(not rated)914-934-5045
302 Midland Ave.(not rated)914-937-0022

Port Jervis Locations

103-119 Jersey Ave.(not rated)845-858-7827

Poughkeepsie Locations

106 Freedom Plains Rd.(not rated)845-471-2740
21 Burnett Blvd.(not rated)845-454-8412
43 Vassar Rd.(not rated)845-463-4232
804 S. Rd.(not rated)845-297-2644

Queens Village Locations

218-14 Jamaica Ave.(not rated)718-776-5085

Red Hook Locations

139 S. Broadway(not rated)845-758-5667

Rego Park Locations

63-32 Woodhaven Blvd.(not rated)718-803-0100
9002 Metropolitan Ave.(not rated)718-459-7552
95-58 Queens Blvd.Reader rating: 3.0 out of 5718-897-1727
97-77 Queens Blvd.(not rated)718-830-3212

Ridgewood Locations

341 St. Nicholas Ave.(not rated)347-881-9465
5653 Myrtle Ave.(not rated)718-417-5495
66-26 Metropolitan Ave.(not rated)718-628-1857
66-90 Fresh Pond Rd.(not rated)718-366-4120
69-14 Myrtle Ave.(not rated)718-628-9888

Rockaway Park Locations

115-05 Beach Channel Dr.(not rated)718-634-2914

Rye Locations

2 Purchase St.(not rated)914-925-6757

Saugerties Locations

Route 212(not rated)845-246-2333

Spring Valley Locations

49-3 Spring Valley MarketPl.(not rated)914-573-0040

Staten Island Locations

107 Mill Rd.(not rated)718-980-3929
1145 Bay St.(not rated)718-727-7779
1351 Forest Ave.(not rated)718-727-3555
1409 Richmond Ave.(not rated)718-494-7100
1724 Victory Blvd.(not rated)718-727-7444
1750 Hylan Blvd.s(not rated)718-351-5690
1775 Richmond Rd.(not rated)718-688-0747
2409 Richmond Ave.(not rated)718-698-1762
In The Staten Island Mall(not rated)917-763-2282
303-A Page Ave.(not rated)718-356-0662
329 Sand Ln.(not rated)718-818-8370
38 New Drop Plaza(not rated)718-351-7156
4020 Hylan Blvd.(not rated)718-227-7979
4324 Amboy Rd.(not rated)718-984-8773
570 Midland Ave.(not rated)718-351-4313
597 Bay St.(not rated)718-727-6196
612 Forrest Ave.(not rated)718-981-0251
690 Arthur Kill Rd.(not rated)718-967-2309
786 Port Richmond Ave.(not rated)718-727-6222
895 Huguenot Ave.(not rated)718-317-1900

Thornwood Locations

923 Broadway(not rated)914-769-7827

Valley Stream Locations

In The Green Acres Mall(not rated)516-561-9052
204 W. Merrick Rd.(not rated)516-561-5400
77 Green Acres Rd.(not rated)516-593-3531

Wappingers Falls Locations

946 Route 376 Suite 4(not rated)845-223-3288

West Nyack Locations

In The Palisades Center(not rated)845-348-0258

White Plains Locations

The Galleria at White Plains(not rated)914-683-1060
199 Main St.(not rated)914-946-0022
200 Hamilton Ave.(not rated)914-428-0962
201 Tarrytown Rd.(not rated)914-428-9116
204 Mamaroneck Ave.(not rated)914-686-2877
60 S. Broadway(not rated)914-428-1730
620 N. Broadway(not rated)914-428-0548

Whitestone Locations

14-41 150 St.(not rated)718-357-3889

Woodside Locations

51-22 Northern Blvd.(not rated)718-779-3534
60-25 Roosevelt Ave.(not rated)718-779-9166

Yonkers Locations

2359 Central Park Ave.(not rated)914-771-5692
328 Tuckahoe Rd.(not rated)914-337-0072
714 McLean Ave.(not rated)914-375-2154
797 Yonkers Ave.(not rated)914-423-4527

Yorktown Heights Locations

1990 Commerce St.(not rated)914-245-3580
In The Jefferson Valley Mall(not rated)914-248-4848
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